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Science World After Dark

Join us for a special edition of After Dark - a Science World Whodunnit! Can you untangle the web of greed, betrayal, love and tech to discover the truth and solve Mystery.AI?This adult evening is ages 19+ only. Government issued photo ID is required for entry.

Ticket purchases for this special event are fully non-refundable, cannot be rescheduled and cannot be combined with any coupon, discount, offer or other promotion.


Mystery.AI   A Science World Whodunnit

When Science World unveils their new General AI software, more than a few nefarious characters are attracted to this potentially life, and fortune, changing new frontier. Can you untangle the web of greed, betrayal, and probably love triangles and discover the truth? Can you solve Mystery.AI?


By purchasing a ticket, you enter into an agreement to comply with our costume policy. 


Costume Policy


Visitor costumes are permitted at this special event. 


Science World strives to create an environment where all visitors can feel safe and have an enjoyable experience.  To support this, please be aware of the following costume policies:

Costume weapons made of hard plastic or metal as well as those perceived as being too realistic are not permitted. Specific examples include (but are not limited to) guns, swords, spears, staves, axes, etc.

Alterations to skin tone, hair, etc to represent another racial group are not permitted.  These include (but are not limited to) blackface, brownface, afro wigs, etc.

Culturally specific clothing and accessories from a background other than your own are not permitted.   Examples include (but are not limited to) indigenous headgear and regalia, religious symbols, culturally specific clothing, etc.

Costumes which do not adhere to these policies may result in admission to the event being denied.

If you are uncertain of whether your costume choice may cause others to feel uncomfortable or unsafe, these questions from York University (https://rights.info.yorku.ca/inclusive-halloween-costumes/ ) may be helpful:

Is my costume depicting and perpetuating a stereotype or stigma associated with a particular race, culture or religion?

Does my costume include a replication of a garment that is a significant component of a particular religion or culture of which I do not identify with?

Is my costume depicting a historical time-period where that look/costume is now considered offensive and discriminatory?

Does my costume represent elements of a culture or cultural practice that is being commoditized for consumption?

Can I look in the mirror and confidently say that my costume choice would not be considered offensive to a particular race, ethnic origin, gender or religion?

Sensory Friendly Morning (8AM - 10AM)

Sensory Friendly Mornings are inclusive events for individuals and families living with neurodiverse or accessibility needs.

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