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Maker Workshop: Tinkering with Wiggle Bots

Saturday, May 29, 2021 - 10:00 AM

Running Time: 1 hour

Audience: Ages: 6 - 12

Maker Workshop: Tinkering with Wiggle Bots

A wiggle bot is a simple robot that can shake, wiggle, and dance across a table! In this workshop, a Science World Tinkerer will help you imagine, create, and test a Wiggle Bot made with a motor and materials you can find at home. You will learn how to make a simple circuit to make your motor turn on. What will your Wiggle Bot look like?


What is "tinkering"?

Tinkering is mindful messing about with tools and materials, with the goal of finding out their possibilities and limitations. When we tinker, we learn about scientific topics, make new things from existing parts, solve problems, and learn by making mistakes. In this workshop, participants will not be shown how to make a Wiggle Bot step-by-step, but be encouraged to use the materials they have to create their own unique design.

Some specialized materials for this workshop will be provided by Science World. Other materials will not and will need to be provided by the participant to complete the activity. Science World will provide:

  • Motor
  • Battery pack
  • Wires


These required materials will NOT be provided by Science World. Please bring the following materials to the virtual session:

  • Two AA batteries
  • One or more plastic containers of different sizes to make the body of your Wiggle Bot (ex. recycled yogurt container, strawberry basket, or plastic cup)
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Optional   markers, pipe cleaners, paper, popsicle sticks, googly eyes, binder clips, and other craft materials.


This workshop takes place online using Zoom. Meeting details will be emailed upon registration. We will send link to you prior to the workshop.

  • An adult must be present at all times during the workshop.
  • You are encouraged to have your camera and microphone on during the workshop to engage fully. You may be asked to mute your microphone during some parts of the workshop.
  • Please be ready to interact and explore with your child during the workshop.
  • A kit of materials will be mailed to you for use during the workshop if you register before May 19th. If you register after, kits with the materials can be picked up at the Science World Kaleidoscope Science Store.
  • Refunds will NOT be given for absences. Refunds will NOT be given if a registrant cancels in the week prior to the program.

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